Passion for sewing, why settle for something secondary to what I love?

I am a 1st generation Canadian and a young mum to two very energetic young boys! They are the reason I do what I do and constantly inspire me to do what I love.

I learned to sew many many years ago when my grandma showed me how to sew dolls clothes. I never thought much of it as I grew older until my youngest was born.

Weighing very little throughout his first year, we struggled to find anything that fit! I finally ordered a sewing machine (having not owned a decent one in years it took me a while to choose due to the variety these days)

I went with a singer as it's what I'd used once upon a time and I have honestly never looked back. I had a surplus of fabric and ideas and not enough people to sew them for, and so, KaiterClothing was born.

I once read that in a world wear most homemade businesses are now a flooded market, is it not better to do what you love and the business side be a bonus?

I feel so! When people feel and see.your passion in what you do, that breeds inspiration. That is my goal. To ensure each and every product I create carries that through. I love what I do and want to ensure that everybody who is touched by our products love them too.

We hope that you'll enjoy your experience with us and help us grow.

From my family to yours,
Thank you